Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aeolian transport kicks in

After a fairly quiet period we are finally having some aeolian action. The team from TUDelft is currently measuring wind speeds and are counting the amount of sediment which is transported by wind at several locations at the Zandmotor. The sediment is counted using laser sensors at three different heights above the sand bed. If a sediment particle crosses the laser beam it is counted and the total counts per seconds are a proxi for the intensity of the sediment transport. It is expected that the intensity of the sediment transport relates to the wind speed where more wind induces larger transports. Also, the moisture content of the sediment bed is important since wet sand is more difficult to transport. Anyway, exiting data are coming in !

Sediment counting laser sensors mounted at three different heights above the sediment bed. A total of 8 measuring stations are currently installed.

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